September 11th Lunch

"Distributed Utility of the Future"

H.G. Chissell, Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Viridity Energy

Please join the New York Association for Energy Economics when we welcome H.G. Chissell of Viridity Energy to our monthly NYAEE Luncheon on Thursday, September 11th, 2014.

The transformation of large commercial buildings into virtual power plants capable of load curtailments on demand to meet the rising issue of peak demand management is a significant opportunity to strengthen resiliency and increase net operating income. This opportunity plays well into the overall vision of REV laid out by the PSC and ConED. The distribution utility of the future will rely on integrated consumers providing virtual power at critical times. These customer-side solutions will rely primarily on three energy asset categories: HVAC systems, distributed generation, and distributed storage. H.G. will discuss the economics and changing landscape of these customer-sided solutions.

About the Speakers:
H.G. Chissell is Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Viridity Energy, a software/service firm focused on virtual power generation and advanced energy optimization. Mr. Chissell has been with Viridity Energy from its beginning, leading the company's growth in MWs under management and strategic regional expansion throughout PJM and NYISO across all verticals, including the first commercial frequency regulation battery project in PJM. Mr. Chissell graduated from Swarthmore College, studied architecture at Drexel University and received his accreditation as a LEED AP. Mr. Chissell focuses on advanced business solutions and partnerships, specifically with the DOD, large industrials, portfolio real estate companies, energy storage integrators, and Retail Energy Providers. Prior to Viridity Energy, Mr. Chissell led a sustainability/energy team at Gap International, a global consulting firm specializing in breakthrough leadership. Mr. Chissell began his commercial career at RDLA, a healthcare architecture firm in Philadelphia. H.G. Chissell is also the Co-Founder of the National Academy of Natural Sciences' Profitable Pathways to Sustainability Program.